The one thing that practically all football fans around the world are always aware of is the erosion of fan culture and of the commercialisation of the game. Unfortunately, this is nowhere more prevalent than at the home of football, the birthplace of the game, and my home country, the United Kingdom. In terms of a true traditional footballing experience, Germany offers what the UK has not had for decades. That is why so many people from my homeland are fascinated with every aspect of the German game, from Bratwurst & Bier on the terraces to the special German ultra identity.

The eastern part of Germany is perhaps a microcosm of this fascinating world, far from the commercialised clubs in other parts of the country (with one notable exception, but they shall not be named). Unfortunately, much of the information about the game in the former East Germany is only available in German, or not at all. The blog aims to provide an insight into the rich histories of the clubs and rivalries in this corner of the world and how the game looks now for the purposes of an English-speaking audience.

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